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Sleepy Appa

Sleepy Appa

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Appa returns this time as a linocut print! After a long day, Appa takes a nap with his buddy Momo watching over him.

Hand printed on ~10.25x14" 30gsm kitakata rice paper. Signed and numbered edition of 40.

 Note: All blocks are inked and pressed by hand, so each print contains slight variances in color and texture, and may show faint indentations in the margins where the paper was pressed over the edges of the block. This makes every print truly unique!

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Handmade, Handcarved Woodcut Prints

Every detail is carefully and meticulously hand carved into the woodblock. The block is then laid down onto paper and pressure is applied, treating the block as a large stamp. The result is a beautiful print showcasing the beauty of the marks carved into the wood.